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Introducing Our "900 Voices" Community!


I'm very excited to share with you about our "900 Voices" community that is now up on Facebook! 


If you are involved in our global video project, please join us for connection and sharing.


If you are not directly involved in the creation, but just interested to know more and be part of our group, you are very welcome! 


Please join us!




Are You in the Video?


Just a quick note to let you know that we will be sending out details this week about who is in the final edit of our global video 900 Voices. Please watch for an email from myself or my assistant to let you know about your inclusion. 

We tried to include as many faces and voices as we could in the final edit, while still making it unforgettable. There are many frames that include many faces at once. 

I hope you will be very excited and love it regardless of the length of your inclusion and the size of your face on the screen. Everyone who sent us videos did it with so much love and I am completely humbled and grateful to you for your energy in this project, which has turned into a magical and powerful creation. I'm sure you will feel that as I do when you see it on April 9th!

much love,



Project Title Announcement - 900 Voices!


I'm very excited to announce that our video project "We Are Love" will now be referred to as "900 Voices". When we began this journey together, there was no way to know that so many people would become involved. Now that 938 people are involved in the project, we are honoring them with the title of "900 Voices".

This project has become EPIC!

Please watch for more details about the coming release on April 9th!


Video Release Date Update - April 9, 2015


Our global video release date of "We Are Love" has been updated to April 9, 2015. 


We are needing a little more time to get our publicity ducks lined up! The video is coming out beautifully and I am super excited and very grateful to the more than 900 people who submitted their clips for the project. 


Please join the Fan Club (in the left column on this page) to be notified when the video goes live!


900 people
25 languages
1 song!

Composed and Arranged by: Laura Sullivan
Producers: Eric Sullivan, Laura Sullivan
With help from Eepybird Studios
50% of proceeds to benefit Little Kids Rock!


Global Video "We Are Love" Set for Release March 26, 2015!


I'm so excited that I'm dancing and crying at the same time. After an entire year of working on a single song, which has been the most challenging, rewarding and exciting project of my career, I can finally say that I have a rough mix and demo of the video complete. WE ARE LOVE! Coming March 26, 2015! A HUGE thank you to the 938 people who have collaborated with me on this global project. 

Created in collaboration with our global community, this song We Are Love features the voices of 938 people from around the world. A song to celebrate love and our connection as humanity with 27 languages included in the vocals. 938 people. 27 Languages. 1 Song!


Honored at Grammy® Party


What an honor to be recognized for my Grammy® award by the San Francisco chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. I'm very humbled and grateful!

Pictured here is artist Jenna Lavoie, Kendra Autie, Katie Cleland, Producer Eric Sullivan, Laura Sullivan, Oscar Autie, D. Edward, Camillo Landau, Arthur Johnson and Nona Brown. 

Laura receiving certificate for winning a Grammy® in the 56th Grammy® awards. 


Update on Global Video Creation - "We Are Love"


Earlier in 2014 I started the great adventure of producing a song and video through crowdsourcing the media content. My goal was simply to create something beautiful, celebrating love and our connection as humanity, in collaboration with the world.

In consultation with the viral video experts, Eepybird LLC, as well as my publicity team, we put together a plan to reach out to people about this special effort to create a global song and video using voices from around the world titled We Are Love.

Our call to action led to over 1000 video submissions, involving 931 people! The photo above is a screen shot of just some of the many many videos that now live on my hard drive as a result.


Listen Here to Interview with Dr. Estella & John Johnson - Live Today!


What a pleasurable experience to speak with hosts of Live Today - Dr. Estella Sneider and John Johnson! I think you will really enjoy our lively conversation. It was an inspiration for me, and I think it will be for you too. You can listen to the whole show right here on LA Live!


'Live Today' LA Talk Radio Interview Today!


I'm really looking forward to my interview on the hit SHOW #LIVEToday with John Johnson - Host LIVE Today Radio & Dr. Estella Sneider at 4:00PM PST 7:00PM EST, Today! You can listen in RIGHT HERE on Channel 2!



Feature and Interview on


What an honor to be featured and interviewed on Thanks so much to Matthew Mayer for his beautiful write up and spotlight. You can check out our entire interview right here


While you are visiting be sure to listen to their wonderful radio program The Stream, and find out more about the many other fabulous artists included at the site.