Laura Sullivan



Honored at Grammy® Party


What an honor to be recognized for my Grammy® award by the San Francisco chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. I'm very humbled and grateful!

Pictured here is artist Fely Tchaco, SF Chapter President Michael Starita, Laura Sullivan, Producer Eric Sullivan, and SF Executive Director Michael Winger. 

Laura receiving certificate for winning a Grammy® in the 56th Grammy® awards. 


Update on Global Video Creation - "We Are Love"


Earlier in 2014 I started the great adventure of producing a song and video through crowdsourcing the media content. My goal was simply to create something beautiful, celebrating love and our connection as humanity, in collaboration with the world.

In consultation with the viral video experts, Eepybird LLC, as well as my publicity team, we put together a plan to reach out to people about this special effort to create a global song and video using voices from around the world titled We Are Love.

Our call to action led to over 1000 video submissions, involving 931 people! The photo above is a screen shot of just some of the many many videos that now live on my hard drive as a result.


Listen Here to Interview with Dr. Estella & John Johnson - Live Today!


What a pleasurable experience to speak with hosts of Live Today - Dr. Estella Sneider and John Johnson! I think you will really enjoy our lively conversation. It was an inspiration for me, and I think it will be for you too. You can listen to the whole show right here on LA Live!


'Live Today' LA Talk Radio Interview Today!


I'm really looking forward to my interview on the hit SHOW #LIVEToday with John Johnson - Host LIVE Today Radio & Dr. Estella Sneider at 4:00PM PST 7:00PM EST, Today! You can listen in RIGHT HERE on Channel 2!



Feature and Interview on


What an honor to be featured and interviewed on Thanks so much to Matthew Mayer for his beautiful write up and spotlight. You can check out our entire interview right here


While you are visiting be sure to listen to their wonderful radio program The Stream, and find out more about the many other fabulous artists included at the site. 



Interview with Vivek Kumar


Thank you so very much to Vivek Kumar for his lovely interview and write up! You can read our entire conversation, right here!



Interview with Matt Kruze - The Secrets of Their Success


It was a pleasure to connect with Matt Kruze, who interviewed me for his wonderful blog: The Secrets to Their Success. Through his fascinating site, Matt shares the stories of real people and their unique and inspiring experiences achieving success in a wide variety of fields. You are welcome to check out our interview right here!


Interview On Hit Show "Live Today!"


I'm really looking forward to my interview on the hit SHOW #LIVEToday with John Johnson - Host LIVE Today Radio & Dr. Estella Sneider at 4:00PM PST 7:00PM EST, Monday December 1st! You can listen in RIGHT HERE!



Update on Video Submissions for "We Are Love"


Well over 1000 videos of 626 people, as well as several dogs, cats, cows, and a turtle joining together to sing "We Are Love!" 


That is what I've been watching for the past week since the submission deadline for our collaborative video project came to a close. 


What a moving experience to see and hear people from all over the world singing from their heart that "We Are One" and "We Are Love." This project is furthering my own personal and spiritual growth in a way that I did not expect. I knew this project would resonate, but the outpouring of love and energy from the participants leaves me feeling deeply humbled. My heart is brimming with love and gratitude and watching these beautiful videos has many time brought me to tears. People are beautiful. People are love. We all share an amazing connection as humanity. I knew this at the start of the project, but the project itself is breaking my heart open to this reality in a way so much deeper than I knew and in a way that I didn't fully comprehend when we set out on this adventure.


There are many more videos coming! Many have requested a little more time to create there videos and I'm expecting a whole lot more before December 5th. 


Filled to the brim with gratitude. That's how I will enter my Thanksgiving week. 


Thank you all so very much for your beautiful submissions and for confirming to me how deeply you love. I'll continue to keep you posted on the progress of our collaborative video and am so excited to have the opportunity to produce what I know will be an unforgettable project, because of you.


Video Submission Window Closed - Thank You One And All!


Thank you so very much for your beautiful submissions to our collaborative video project We Are Love!


I'm reviewing all your submissions and trying to get back to the many emails and messages with questions about the project. 


This may take me a little time, so please be patient. 


There are several hundred submissions that have come in for the project. I'm still counting them, so not sure about the total number at this time. Just very grateful for all your collaboration and a little overwhelmed, but in a good way. 


It will be a challenge to figure out how to include as much as I can of the hours of beautiful videos that have come in for the project into one song. But, this is a challenge I'm blessed to have. 


I promise to get back to each and every one of you with a personal message once I've reviewed your video submission. 


The submission window is now officially closed; however, I am still accepting a few submissions in the next few weeks in special cases. If you have a burning desire to be part of this and did not get the chance during the submission window, you may contact me and we'll see what we can do. 


With much love and gratitude,