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New Review - Feast of Joy and Love!


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Epic News - Thrilled! Guess who made Billboard Top 10?


I'm super excited to announce that my new release Calm Within is charting in the Top 10 Best Sellers on Billboard in New Age! Many thanks to everyone who has purchased the music. Super grateful and delighted!


Number 1 Best Seller on Amazon!


Super excited that Laura's new release Calm Within is today the number one best seller on New Age Relaxation Music!


Beautiful Review of New Release "Calm Within"


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Great Review of "Feast of Joy and Love!"


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Do You Know the Most Mystical, Powerful American Places?


Did you know that some of the most mystical, powerful and magical places in the world are right here in our own backyard?


Read on to discover some of the hidden secrets and sacred sites of America. While you are enjoying the notes on these fascinating places you can also experience the music of Laura Sullivan, created as a dedication to each of these fascinating places.


1) America’s Stonehenge, Mystery Hill, Salem, Massachusetts

The Mystery Hill complex is composed of monolithic standing stones, stone walls and underground tunnels, caves and chambers covering 30 acres of land near Salem, Massachusetts. Most of the structure is aligned to obvious astronomical points and the site can even now be used as an accurate yearly calendar utilizing the stones that were set up about 5,000 years ago.


During the 1800’s the property was owned by abolitionist, Jonathan Pattee who used the caves on the site as a refuge on the Underground Railroad. Many stones in and around this area of New England have been found inscribed with Irish Hinge Ogam, a form of Celtic writing of the Druids. Who built the site and what it was used for remains a mystery.


Review of New Album "Calm Within"


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Amazon Best Seller!


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Excited that my new CD releases today - Special Offer


I'm thrilled to announce that my new CD Calm Within: Music for Relaxation of Body and Mind is now available!


To celebrate this special day I'm offering my new release for 20% off through the end of December! Just use this special code when you check out to receive this amazing discount, just in time for your holiday gift deliveries!


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Click here to preview music and purchase Calm Within: Music for Relaxation of Body and Mind. Remember to put in the code: holidaysale for your discount!

The music in this audio CD was created to induce deep relaxation using principles of science related to our responses to sound and rhythm.

All the songs have a BPM of 60 or lower. This has been noted to be the beats per minute that will calm the heart rate as it causes the brain to synchronize with the beat, producing a frequency from 8-14 hertz per second which causes an alpha brainwave state.

Stanford University Researchers found that listening to calming music can change brain functioning to the same extent as medication. Listening to the right sounds can bring the gift of healing, and rejuvenation.

These songs are further designed to relax through repetition of musical phrases, and positive memory association, initiated to bring listeners to a relaxed and happy space. All these special intentions of conception have formed a powerful album for deep peace and tranquility, bringing connection to spirit, mind and body.

Laura Sullivan is an established New Age and Grammy® Winning artist who is inspired and led to creation promoting holistic health of mind and body.

These compositions were produced to bring instant well being, soothing and a feeling of purity. Intended for use for both children and adults, to alleviate stress and promote light within and to be beneficial in getting to sleep and resting peacefully through the night.

Other uses include Massage, Yoga, Meditation, Spa Music and any activity where complete serenity is desired.